Purpose of this site

This site is the response to a calling by God to meet the goal of bridging those who want to help Indian communities devastated by covid with those seeking help there, using the existing network of nonprofits already on the ground.

Yes, there are a number of people who are stepping up in India to help each other. However, the needs are overwhelming. So, if you are asking the question - "How can I help?" and maybe trying to google to find many results, you are at the right place. If you have wondered - "Can I trust that my donation will go to the right person and/or the specific need?", we want this site to be a one-place reference to answer those two crucial questions.

What this site is NOT is a place to accept donations. The intended purpose is to give a choice to the donor to select a need to which they feel called to donate towards the agency or agencies tending to that need. Once an agency is clicked, the donor will then be redirected to the website of the particular nonprofit that is actively providing help on the ground for the stated need, among other needs.