Identifying active nonprofits on the ground

Though a lot of care and effort is made to vet the list of nonprofits provided on the site (the list that will grow as we vet more agencies), you are very welcome, and in fact, encouraged, to browse through the nonprofit's website as well to make an informed decision to donate, a decision based on what the nonprofit has done in the past and is doing currently.

In the midst of great need and heartache in India, it is heartening to see various sections of people coming together. So many nonprofits are exemplifying care and kindness, and collaboration. So many of the volunteers with these nonprofits are the hands and feet on the ground in delivering the help. It is very possible that many of those nonprofits might not be listed here, and that is why that list will grow as we vet more agencies.

In India, donations from outside the nation are governed by Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of 1976 or FCRA. It is by this specific law of the Government of India that the receipt of foreign contributions or aid from outside India to Indian territories is regulated. The accountability is governed by mandatory reporting to the Government of India of the amount of the foreign contribution and its source, the manner in which it was received, the purpose for which it was intended, and the manner in which it was used.

So, the process of identifying non-profits listed on this site has gone through a check that the nonprofit has a valid FCRA registration and has volunteers on ground zero serving various needs.