India is hurting

Pain, in so many ways, speaks a universal language. In healing, it bears a fruit of empathy and selfless care.

Caring for India, in some ways, is a call to not only care for India alone but people of every nation. It is a call to care for each other. The pandemic has touched  us all, in more ways than one and offered a pause to re-prioritize what, or rather, who really matters. To appreciate those who are here today. To care and follow up with the grieving, to support, to bring along and to walk alongside even when the world moves on from the initial condolences. 

With that heart and calling, this website is focused on caring for India not only for the immediate need but the practical needs of families in the coming months as the nation heals from the devastation from covid, and as the families and communities grieve and count their losses. May they each know that while life is hard, there are many alongsiders in our world, people who truly care.